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    logical condition for calculated field

    Vladimir Kostochka

      Hi guys,

      I need to replicate exactly condition from it

      Filtered By:(1 AND 2 AND 5) OR (3 AND 4)  

        1. Type equals Renewal,Upsell

        2. Stage not equal to Prospect

        5. Product not equal to Plus,Premium

        3. Stage not equal to Close - lost,Closed - no decision,Prospect

        4. Type equals Upsell


      My expression looks like it

      SUM(IF(([Deal Type]='renewal' or [Deal Type]='upsell') and ([Deal Stage]<>'Prospect') and ([Product]<>'Plus' or [Product]<>'Premium' ))

              OR (([Deal Stage]='Close - lost' or [Deal Stage]='Closed - no decision') and [Deal Type]='upsell')

         THEN [Amount] END)


      I need to calculate "Amount" when condition  match to (1 and 2 and 5) or (3 and 4).

      Should I use every time "IF" for new condition?