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    Dual Axis chart with Path - how do I plot one data set against another?

    Paul Sitch

      Hi, I have a requirement to create a chart which draws a box using one set of data, and then plot some points within the box using another set of data.


      I've attached a spreadsheet with some example data. The Shape tab shows the reference data for drawing the shape using the axis columns and the Path. There would be a filter on Type so that the shape would either appear for A or B.

      The Data to Plot is the separate data that I wish to plot as points within the Box that is drawn. I'm importing the table separately and then editing the relationship between the 2 to make sure that there is a join between Type in both tables. I would expect the points to be averaged over Staff Name and Date and then I can use the filters to drill down to a specific person or date where appropriate.


      I am able to plot the box ok but when I start to add the points data that I want to include as a dual axis it doesn't put the points where I would expect them to be, and there are also more points than I would expect, I think it may be that the data in the dual axis is also using the Path numbers to plot the points. I've attached a picture of how I would expect it to look.


      Thanks in advance.