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    sorting the date

    Ahamad shaik

      Hi All,

      This is very urgency could you please go look into it.

      In My db one of the column is Fiscal_ Month ,the format of records in that field is FY14Apr, FY14May...... like this. The data type is string here. The issue Is when I drag this field in the view this is sorted in the Alphabetical order automatically. But am expecting it should be in fiscal month order. How can I achieve it.

      1. Thanks.

      Required order

      Current displaying order

      Fy14 Apr

      FY14 Apr

      Fy14 May

      FY14 Aug

      Fy14 June

      FY14 Dec

      Fy14 July

      FY14 Feb

      Fy14 Aug

      FY14 Jan

      Fy14 Sep

      FY14 June

      Fy14 OCt

      FY14 July

      Fy14 Nov

      FY14 Mar

      Fy14 Dec

      FY14  May

      Fy14 Jan

      FY14 Nov

      Fy14 Feb

      FY14 Oct

      Fy14 Mar

      FY14 Sep

      Fy15 APr

      FY15 Apr