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    How to apply governance ad-hoc requests?

    Meghan Kyle



      I'm in the process of working with my business users to define a governance model for our Tableau rollout and one of my users asked a really great question.  His question was: "How do we govern ad-hoc requests from the CEO?"


      This question is challenging for me because I've been reading about 3-tiered governance models where your lowest tier can be ad-hoc analysis  and the top tier is certified information you distribute to your CXO's.


      My user's use case is a blend of the two.


      So my question to you is how do your governance models handle ad-hoc requests from the CXO's of your companies?




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          Ken Patton

          There's no perfect answer, but most stakeholders are savvy enough to understand that non-production reports don't belong on a production Server.  So, for ad-hoc, one-time reports -- we deploy those on Stage. If the key stakeholder(s) wants to the see the same thing on a recurring basis, then promote it to Production.


          In other words we are capitalizing on the ability to license Tableau Server across Dev / Stage / Prod.  We discourage putting ad-hoc stuff on Production, hence the concept above.

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            Meghan Kyle

            Thanks for your reply Ken!


            Who oversees the deployment of your workbooks across your environments?  Do you allow your Desktop users to publish and self-govern to Stage and Production? Or just Stage?




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              Ken Patton

              Ah -- well that's a whole other realm of discussion, and again there are no perfect answers.


              In principle, the model that I expound is : most qualified Desktop users are allowed to publish onto the Dev server. Of these, the most skilled can publish to Stage. Then of those, ideally, only the very best can publish onto Production.


              It's actually a lot easier to maintain such a pattern if you install rules that effectively say: you cannot Publish onto Stage that which has not been tested on Dev, and you cannot publish on Production that which has not been tested on Stage.


              Then, opening up the Stage server content to stakeholders like your CxO is one form of the testing on Stage, that is different from the basic testing on Dev (which is mostly self-check.)


              The challenge, of course, is that often there is internal politics, where many Publishers think they are worthy of being exempt from such a policy.  You also have to watch that testing is often desultory at best, and absent at worst.


              But as a matter of governance, the quantity of content should go down, and the quality go up, as one progresses from Dev to Stage to Production.


              The essence of governance is "not everybody gets to do whatever they want," and that's where you need Executive / management buy-in.

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                Meghan Kyle

                Well said Ken. And agreed, an entirely different topic of discussion but thank you for outlining.  It has been such a challenge (albeit not a new one) to come up with an initial governance model that strikes a balance.


                Thanks again for your input.

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                  Ken Patton

                  You're very welcome! I hope it goes well for you. If nothing else, you can take comfort in at least knowing that you're not alone.