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    Disk usage - extracts

    Martin Luxhøj



      I'm experiencing the same problems as Tom describes here: TDE file storage when using the data server....but I'm running version 8.3.


      I think my problems started after I installed version 9. I had too many issues regarding performance and disk usage which I didn't have running version 8.0. So I uninstalled version 9 and installed version 8.3 and I have had problems ever since.


      Problems include:


      • Disk usage
      • Subscriptions that won't "trigger"


      The Tableau Server (32bit) is running on a virtual machine (WMware) 64 bit windows 2008 R2 Standard.


      I have tried to run the tabadmin commands for cleanup but it doesn't help bringing down the disk space usage. I only have 2 extracts about 1 GB each and C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data is around 35GB now



      Any ideas?