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    Tableau Server - Configure SSL

    Nichlas Severinsen

      Hi there!


      We have an Amazon EC2 windows instance that runs a Tableau Server 9.0, works like a charm.

      However, we'd like HTTPS, so my colleague got a .crt and generated a key with a password, then noticed Tableau can't use .crt with passwords and via this other thread: SSL removing password from key file I was able to remove the passord from the key file.


      Then, I used the Tableau Server Configuration (GUI) to set the SSL files and check "Use SSL for server communication" - which worked.

      But when trying to access the webgui - nothing. Connection Error.


      I thought first maybe the traffic wasn't allowed in Amazon AWS, so I set to allow HTTPS from everywhere on inbound/outbound.

      No difference.


      Then I saw the default gateway setting in Tableau Server Configuration and tried setting it to 443, this failed however, resulting in an "The port configured for Gateway - port 443 - cannot be opened."-error. Similar to this: SSL port 80 forward to 443 worker0.gateway.port cannot be opened

      I tried checking if any other programs were using port 443 with netstat, there weren't any.


      I thought maybe Windows firewall blocked https, so I added rules for inbound/outbound tcp/udp on port 443.

      Still nothing

      I also tried the 3rd post in this thread: Tableau Server - SSL Problem


      When I revert the server to start without SSL - it works perfectly.

      Maybe Apache needs to be configured as well? I noticed Tableau has its own internal Apache webserver.



      Any input appreciated!


      - Nichlas