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    Tableau Server: Archive and remove older workbooks / datasources

    Mike Roberts



      Talked about this awhile back and finally got around to posting. Apologies for the delay. Here's the script for doing a daily (or whatever) archive and removal of older Tableau workbooks and/or data sources:




      What this does:

      Part 0: Queries Postgres and gets list of Tableau workbooks with the LUID

      Part 1: Use the REST API to both Download and then Delete the workbook from Server

      Part 2: Store those old workbooks on Amazon S3 and remove them locally



      1: You're a Tableau admin

      2: You have an S3 account

      3: You've installed the 'TsGetExtract' PowerShell module

      4: You've already created a workbook and published to Tableau Server that uses the 'TsDataSourcePerf' datasource




      Please don't hesitate to ask questions and I'll be happy to help



      PS Data Team