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    last time company name appeared

    Paul Curtis

      Lets say I have the following data:


      Company ID     Updated     Company Name

      123                    2/1/15          abc

      123                    3/1/15          abc

      123                    4/1/15          abc

      123                    5/1/15          abcnewname

      345                    1/1/15          TPA

      345                    4/1/15          TPA

      345                    5/1/15          TPA234 New Name


      In other words, each company name is reviewed regularily as their names are updated regularily.


      In preparing analysis, I want the company name to show up as the last name given to the company regardless of what month the sales data is from.  For instance, if I were creating a cross tab of sales for company 123 by data, I would always want to see the company name as "abcnewname" despite when the actually sales data is from.


      Can anyone help?  FYI, I do not want to use any type of window calculation.


      Thanks much