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    TABCMD error on export - the server only accepts HTTPS connections

    Derek Arsenault

      Challenged with this one internally ever since we upgraded from v8 to v9 (last couple of weeks...


      With v8 I had a Windows Task running to perform an export of some data from a workbook on our server, Everything was working great...


      tabcmd export -s https://<servername> -t <site> -u <username> -p <password> "<workbook>/<view>" --csv -f "C:\<filename>" --no-certcheck --timeout 500


      Since we upgraded to Tableau 9 we are getting the following error. The strange thing is that sometimes we won't get the error and it will work...but most of the time we get the error and nothing works. Anyone experience this or have any idea on what is going on?

      (see image)


      06-24-2015 9-20-49 AM.png