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    <!Missing Field!> in Tooltips

    Jessica Burch

      Hello everyone,


      I've been trying to trouble-shoot a colleaugue's dashboard and something appears to have broken in one of his map screens.  In the dashboard, we have a map with locations that can be clicked to generate charts of various types.  For the most part, the locations take their names from the cities they're in, but there are two exceptions (the locations are in the same city, and thus have different names).


      Unfortunately, the data in the dashboard is confidential, so I can't attach it here.


      For the most part, the map works as intended - but not for those two locations.  Both simply display the names of the city they're in (rather than the location name), and because no data exists for that city name, nothing comes up when the user clicks on it.  (Even if I were to change the name of one of them to the city, that would still leave a location without data).


      I really have no idea what could be going on, but I noticed that the tooltip window in the worksheet contains a <!Missing Field!> error (and no way that I could see of identifying which field was causing the proble). Attempting to enter either of the location-level variables (there's an alias, or shorter name, and the longer formal name) simply leaves a blank in the tooltip display (even though the variable appears to be displaying properly in the 'edit tooltip' window - the shading comes in and all).


      I double checked, all the data to support these two locations appears to be there - the lattitude and longitude for them (by location alias) displays correctly (i.e. they're not drawing from the built in data for their city storeed in tableau - otherwise both locations would come up as the same).

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          Jessica Burch

          So, it turns out, the problem was due to layering.  The datasheet supporting the map had both the location and the city included in it, but the 'order' field associated with the locations was null.  This seems to have sent the locations to the back.


          The map has a series of polygons with borders determined by latitude and longitude codes.  Together these define the cities (or, locations areas - the borders are operationally relevant rather than geographical).  Each of these had a location code, which was the linking variable between city and location. The location code for the city with two locations matched neither.  Near as I can tell, this is why the tooltip treated location-level variables as having missing fields - it couldn't find the value for one of the cities among the locations.  (The relationship was listed in other places in the dataset, but since there was no linking variable, these were irrelevant).


          I split the location area associated with this city between the two locations, renaming all coordinates of the location area as either one or the other (based on which location each point was closest to).  Once I knew the role played by location code, I made sure to change the codes to match those of their respective locations.  This seems to have resolved the issue.


          TLDR: Order values are relevant to the layering of objects on maps - objects with an order value of null might as well not exist.  Make sure your linking variable encompasses all the location sets that you want to show on a map.