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    Precedence of Data Source Filters

    Alexander Mou

      In this article by Bora Beran where it states that data source filter is preceded by extract filter.

      What’s new in Tableau 9.0? Part 2 – Level of Detail Expressions « Bora Beran

      Somehow this article says data source filters have the highest precedence.

      Data Source Filters | Tableau Software


      Is the data source meant to be in TDE format here before published to the server? it's not about any kind of data sources?


      I am a little confused. Could someone please help clarify?

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          Jonathan Drummey

          It's kind of a matter of semantics, both are right. However there is an element of time here that changes things.


          Fundamentally Tableau connects to a data source. That data source could be a live connection that itself is a Tableau Server data source (which could be a pass-through to a live connection or an extract), database server, file, or direct connection to a (previously built) extract, or the data source is an extract where the workbook includes the metadata to connect to the live source for updates.


          The data source filter always applies to all queries used to generate views, quick filters, etc. So data source filters has the highest precedence for display of data.


          However, extract filters are applied at the time the extract is created/refreshed, i.e. before any views are generated. So extract filters effectively have an even higher precedence because they are applied even earlier.


          To sum up: If you're using a live connection to a source that is not an extract, then the data source filters have the highest precedence. If you're using an extract then any extract filters have the highest precedence (preventing data from even being in the extract in the first place) and then data source filters have the 2nd highest precedence.


          Does that make sense?



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            Alexander Mou

            Got it!

            Thanks, Jonathan!


            On Sunday, June 21, 2015, Jonathan Drummey <

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              Bora Beran

              To add on top of that, data source filters are not in effect when querying the live connection for creating or updating an extract. So if you had a workbook with both types of filters active, when extract is being generated, it would be the data without the data source filter applied going into the extract. Data would be just filtered by extract filters. Data source filter would be applied to the resulting extract. It is a bit tricky, that's one reason I wanted to use a different color for extract filters in the image.

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