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    Publishing Models

    Meghan Kyle

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm currently in the process of deploying Tableau and am looking to define a workbook deployment methodology for my Desktop users.  I've found a lot of great content in forums and blogs re: general methodology however I'm having trouble finding details behind some of these methods.


      My Tableau Server Environment looks something like:


      Sales Sandbox Project - this is where Desktop users can share drafted content. I definitely want them to publish here

      Sales QA Project & Sales Production Project - this is where I am struggling.  Do I force them to go through me to publish here? Do I allow them to publish? 



      I want workbook deployment to me simple and smooth yet wrapped up in some sort of governance process.  How do I do this without being too flexible or too strict?


      What are you guys doing when it comes to workbook deployment?


      (1) Do you allow your Desktop users to publish and promote their workbooks not just to a Sandbox project but to a QA and Production Project as well?

      (2) Do you enforce a strict deployment whereby Desktop users can only publish their workbooks to Sandbox and then must initiate a request to you for moving those workbooks to QA and Prod?




      Thanks so much!



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          Johan De Groot

          It is usually good to allow only certain people to publish workbooks in 'approved' projects, besides having a sandbox. Otherwise some people will get confused because so many workbooks are in that project with cryptic names, duplicates (version1, version2, .etc).


          * Let everyone publish in the sandbox.

          * Let everyone view everyone's workbooks, so pragmatic dashboard/visualisations can be shared instantly. If the data is sensite the permissions can be set more strict.

          * If someone wants a workbook to be published in the Sales project, let them ask the 'Tableau QA' guy or girl to have a look at it for both content (is the data right) and format (corporate guidelines on look and feel, naming). If the workbook is ok, it will be moved to the project

          * New versions of the workbook have to go through the same process.


          Yes, it takes some more time to get a workbook published in the 'right' project, but the QA process avoids confusion.



          Kind regards,

          Johan de Groot

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