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    One data source is input for other

    Supreet Bhatia



      I am trying 2 work with 2 data sources. One is teradata and other is excel. Excel has customer ids's. I have to get a report from teradata based on those customer ids.

      I have created a parameter and written a custom sql query for the same.

      But I am not able to figure out how to make the changes automatic. ie, if  i modify the excel data, report should get refreshed automatically.

      Right now, i have to close the tableau worksheet and reopen it and then load the data again in the parameter i created for importing data from excel.


      Please help!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Supreet Bhatia,


          I came across this unanswered post and wanted to check on the current status.  Did you find a way to get the data source from Teradata to update as needed?  If the connection is live, I would expect the values to update dynamically however this sounds like a Teradata extract and if that is the case, then the extract will have to be refreshed.


          Please provide the version of Tableau and Teradata driver in use. 


          One other option I can think of is to utilize a view of the Excel data to act as a action filter to a view of the Teradata Data with the TeraData view empty until  customer id from Excel side is viewed.  This would eliminate the use of Custom SQL and likely work faster.


          I hope this helps.