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    DB2 date format CYYMMDD

    Jonathan Espinal

      Hi everyone!!


      I'm in a hurry and I really need help.


      Im working on a little demo where my data source is DB2 (is a pain in the *** by the way), the thing is that I have a twbx file and it contains a field that I rename as DATE and it comes in this format CYYMMDD where "C" is the Century, but I dont need that, I just want the date in this format YYMMDD, I've been trying to do this using some of the date functions in Tableau but I can't get rid out of that "C" character in the date.


      Originally that field is recognized as a measure but I change it to a dimension and still as a numeric field so anyone has faced this same problem or could anyone help me with this please please please!!


      The twbx file is attached.


      Thank's and kind regards.

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          Tableau kumar

          Hi Jonathan Espinal,


          You can get the solution by manually, creating the Calculations to extracting Parts of the Date then make it as Date.


          1) Year

          int( "20"+MID([Field], 2,3) )


          2) Month

          MID([Field], 4,5)


          3) Day

          MID([Field], 6,7)

          4) Getting Actual Date

          Date( str( [Year] ) +  "/"  + str ([Month] ) +  "/"  + str([Day])

          I did not test the above calculations, Since you need it urgently.

          Best Regards

          Laxman Kumar

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            Jonathan Espinal

            Hi @