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    How to display most active licensed tableau users/check their activity on Tableau

    John Bica

      I'm trying to create a workbook and eventually a dashboard that helps me track the licensed users with Tableau at our company to see exactly who is being active and using their tableau access so that it can be assigned to someone else for better use if not. I've got access to the _users, users, _workbooks, workbooks, capabilities, capability_roles, roles tables from Tableau workgroup repository. I also have an internal Excel data source that we keep that tracks licensed users with the following fields (name ID, department, date granted access). This is something that we update and keep track of the new licenses that we add/change.


      I want to figure out what data sources I need and which to blend or what tables to join.

      Ultimately I'll like to figure things out such as:

      - Who hasn't logged in the last X amount of days

      - Top 10 etc, active users (daily, weekly, etc)

      - Who has publisher access but hasn't published anything or for how long,

      -Who has desktop license and doesn't own any workbooks

      -which workbooks are being viewed and interacted with and which aren't

      -who's looking at the workbook and what area/department they are from


      I just need a little advice and tips on how to accomplish things of this nature.

      If anyone could let me know what data sources I'll need and the connections for them to get started, I'd greatly appreciate it.