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    Linking of an excel sheet to add weighting

    Charlie SInes

      Hello Tableau World!


      I am a new users and trying to get to grips with a number of things in Tableau. I stared off with something that I thought would be fairly simple.

      I apologize in advance if this is not the format this should take.


      Essentially I have three Excel data source that has the following fields (I removed irrelevant f)


      Source 1 Customer Name ; 2015 Sales Plan $ ; 2015 Margin Plan$

      Source 2 Customer Name ; 2015 Sales Actual $ ;2015 Margin Actual $

      Source 3 ;date;daily multiplier;running total multiplier


      Definition of Source 3

      I have included the sample but essentially its a weighting on the sales and margin plans to work out at a given date what the % of the year total plan should be applied.


      Example: 17/06/2015 (today) if my customer had a sales plan of 10000 and a margin plan of 2000 (from source 1), I need a weighting to be applied that looks up today's date in source 3, and retrieves the running total multiplier to give the current the actual plan in this case 1000* 0.493687

      I will then compare that value to the actual sales from source 2 to work out where they are vs plan and use Tableau to make some pretty stuff!


      Sounds easy and I can do in 2 minutes in Excel, but I am struggling in Tableau as source 3 has no obvious links to 1 and 2.

      1 and 2 link together very nicely!


      Sorry if I am asking something obvious I did try to search for this before asking.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance!