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    How to allow users to remain logged in to tableau server?

    Diego Domenech

      Guys and Gals,


      This is my first time posting to the forum, but i have been extremely active in terms of using discussions already out there. I cant seem to find an answer to this question though, and i know that my solution (workbook/dashboard) is by no means the typical way to use Tableau.


      Here's the back story: I was asked to provide a dashboard that would display an hourly metric that updates on its own every hour so that people in the company can see how we are doing that day. This was to be displayed across TV screens throughout the office. So i basically used the Tableau API to create something that would automatically refresh the data on its own so that no one would have to sit there and click on the "refresh data" button.


      This works out really well and I'm actually impressed with how smoothly this is working, i can show others how i did this if interested, but here's the problem:


      tableau automatically signs a user out after x amount of time...how do i prevent the automatic sign off of certain users from the tableau server?


      I am the tableau server admin for our company as well as the main user. Ideally what i would want is to use the same login across multiple screens mounted in the office to show this report on an ongoing basis without having to log in to every single browser every day. Since this is my first time posting i am sure i have missed something you need to answer the question, please feel free to be blunt and demanding when it comes to questions.


      Thanks for your help in advance!