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    Tableau Server Upgrade/Command line Utility

    Osama Khalid

      Dear All,


      This is an urgent support request.


      I have tableau desktop 8.1 in a secure environment (no internet) which publishes workbooks developed and data sources online to tableau server 8.1 (has internet access) and updates the data daily using tableau data extract command line utility.

      I am going to
      1. Renew maintenance which recently expired

      2. Upgrade the versions to 9


      I have some questions

      1.  Our System Architecture is such that Tableau Desktop Machine (Machine that has Tableau desktop installed on it) does not have access to the Internet. What should we do in this case to renew maintenance and also upgrade both server and desktop (where we do not have access to the internet) and in what sequence. i.e. When upgrading, do we have to do an upgrade first or shall we first renew our maintenance license? I plan to

      a. renew maintenance for tableau desktop

      b. a. install tableau desktop 9 on  secure machine

      c. Test with old workbook (created in 8 ) copy opening in 9 and upload to server

      d. renew maintenance for tableau server
      e. Check pre upgrade list (backup crucial configuration data)

      f. Uninstall server 8.1
      g. Install server 9 (Im asssuminig it will pick up server configurations automatically)
      h. Upload workbook created in version 9 and test if it updates automatically next day after schedules update the data extracts published online(Created in version 8)

      Please correct if any step missed or wrong.

            Can we use Trial setups and Activate them on end-user machine or is it necessary to download setup from customer Portal

      After upgrade and renewal, Would our data incremental update batch files (We have written Script in a Batch file and added it to Window scheduler ) continue working now using Tableau data extract command line utility or some change will be required as extracts were made and published online /inicrementally updated using tableau version 8.1.