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    Tableau server No Maps background displayed when more than 5035 points


      Hi Guys,

      I have a problem when I used maps on Tableau server 9.0 with Tableau WMS server :

      • If I try to display a map with more than 5036 points on it,  the maps background disappear. (Map Problem 5036 points.png)

      With the same files, i don't have any problem in this cases :

      • With 5035 and less no problem. (Picture Map Problem 5035 points.png)
      • With an internal WMS server no problems (more than 10 000 points deplayed)
      • With Tableau desktop 9.0 and the same tableau WMS server and more than 5034 no problems

      I have created a simple data set with 10 000 lines & this columns :  (cf.MapTest.xslx)



      Is this a limitation with the tableau WMS server?

      Did you have any idea / paramters to change to fix it?


      Thank you for your help.