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    TabJolt Errors

    Michael Greenspan



      When I run TabJolt, I get errors, but I don't know what is causing them:

      #0      Threads: 1/1    Samples: 1      Latency: 0      Resp.Time: 359  Errors:1


      I see the following exception in result.jtl, but I am not sure what to do with this information:

      <sample t="359" lt="0" ts="1434049270635" s="false" lb="Interact Viz Test" rc="" rm="Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: Sales; View: Simpleforecasting; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid resp body when calling setSheetId!" tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="0" ng="1" na="1">
        <sample t="127" lt="0" ts="1434049270858" s="true" lb="init view session. optionalRenderMode: default; isEmbedded: false; noShowVizHome: false" rc="200" rm="done with initializing view session null." tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="1509" ng="0" na="0"/>
        <sample t="13" lt="0" ts="1434049270985" s="false" lb="init view session. optionalRenderMode: default; isEmbedded: true; noShowVizHome: false" rc="" rm="Timer did not end properly. SubResult EndTime is 0." tn="InteractVizThreadGroup 1-1" dt="" by="0" ng="0" na="0"/>


      Any ideas? I can't seem to find the answer in any other threads here.





      Neelesh Kamkolkar

      kaifeng zeng

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