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    Dynamically show/hide worksheets on dashboard - action filter

    Santhosh Thadakamalla



      I think this topic has already discussed in this forum (Thanks to this forum for helping me to get an idea to create such kind of dashboards). But i am facing the issue for my requirement which i can explain below.


      I have created two simple worksheets - sheet1 and sheet2. Using sheet1 as a source filter to sheet2 , when we select any row in sheet1 then sheet2 will get filtered and also sheet2 will hide if we not select any value in sheet1.


      In this sheet1, "source ID" is a header. if we select "Source ID" then i dont want to see "sheet 2" to be populated (I need only rows to go for action filters). Is this possible?


      I hope you understand my issue.




      Santhosh Thadakamalla