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    what is best practice for displaying a full date in "text table"

    Michael Lutz



      I need to display the finest grain of my data in a worksheet that amounts to nothing more than a spreadsheet (or grid) of data.  I am using Show Me type "text table".  There is no aggregation here - it is simply a listing of certain columns in database that will be filtered from another worksheet in dashboard.


      So this is just a plain grid of data all of which are dimensions.  There are no measures in this visualization.  All my pills are listed in "Rows" shelf.  Nothing is in "Columns".  Boring, I know!  :-(


      Dates are giving me trouble.  I ended up using a formula to convert a date to a string (str function), and displayed that column.


      But I see many other options none of which I could get to work.  Tableau wants to pull out the YEAR() from my date when the datatype is date.  I tried "Detail" Mark, "Text" Mark, and "Exact Date".  It was a struggle.


      I have to think there is a better way then creating a formula to convert to text.


      Please advise.  Thanks!