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    Tableau Server Cluster Controller Logging

    Albert Ćosić

      Short time after installation of Tableau Server 9.0 aprox 20 GB of free disk space on windows server (on which Tableau server has been installed) has been suddenly occupied causing Tableau Server stop working.

      After a analysis we have discovered that cluster controller log files have been logging, and found logs in size of 4GB and even bigger. We have deleted these logs and restarted Tableau Server which continued to work properly.

      But, again, after few days, Tableau Server produced another cluster controller log sizing 16GB. We have deleted it manually (file).

      In order to fix problem we tried to change logging levels for some processes as described in document: Change Logging Levels

      But after executing commands:

      tabadmin set server.log.level error

      tabadmin set vizqlserver.log.level error

      tabadmin set vizportal.log.level error

      tabadmin set wgserver.log.level error   

      Tableau Server completely fell apart causing Tableau Sever Repository and File Store to stop.

      Then we have tried to set it back to default but the error remained.


      PostgreSQL log does not reveal the reason (attached in file).


      Have you experienced the same issue with cluster controller logging?

      Note: We use single server system: Understanding High Availability