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    AD Domain Change

    ChanMu Ram



      Can you please let me know what are the steps involved in Tableau when the users are moved from one AD domain to another.


      Thanks in advance,




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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello ChanMu Ram,

          I am moving this post to the Server Administration area of the forums. 



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            Jeff Strauss

            I'd like to find an easier method as my windows team has alerted my team that our AD stuff is moving.


            Here's the officially supported way of doing it.

            Modifying Tableau Server Authentication Method | Tableau Software 



            I've had thoughts (only thoughts) about updating the workgroup.yml and tabsvc.yml config files directly and anything in PG that may reference the existing domain, but this may be more trouble than it's worth.  It would be great to have it built into the product.

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              Justin D'Cruze

              No doubt 110% unsupported and probably a bad idea........but has anyone tried re-jigging domains and system_users tables in Postgres after a domain change?

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                Jeff Strauss

                I have not tried yet, but if you do try, do it on dev and let us know if you are successful.  It's certainly doable, but will require updates to both PG and to some of the internal config files.  I'd more likely be apt to just go the "long" way.

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                  ADITYA KOTHARI

                  Hi All,


                  Although this a old post but hoping to get an answer for this.

                  Our Tableau server is configured with a domain(ex:- AB ) and we are able to add users from other domains as well ( ex:- AB, CD, EF). We provide the access to the AD group and also to the users individually on the server.

                  Now in the coming months all the domains will be merged to a single one ( i.e. to AB)

                  Please let me know the steps on

                  1) Will the CD and EF domain users will get unlicensed once the domains are merged into AB.

                  2) what should be done to change the domain of the users belonging to CD and EF domain to AB domain.

                  3) Will there be any other impact as the contents are owned by the users belonging to CD and EF domains.


                  Note :- Can we use the tabcmd editdomain in this case ?


                  Thanks in Advance !