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    Publish Data Source - Disadvantages


      Our current process right now is that we have a workbook connected to a view (in a SQL Server database) and we create an extract out of it.


      We have multiple workbooks that connect to this view, so in our nightly process we're refreshing all these workbooks/extracts. So we were thinking of publishing the data source to Tableau Server and having all these workbooks pointed at the published data source.


      We were hoping it would cut down on our nightly process, so instead of refreshing 20 different workbooks/extracts, we would just refresh the 1 data source.


      But as I was researching this, I noticed some disadvantages / issues of using a published data source, so now I'm a bit wary of going down this road


      • Someone mentioned that if a user has a workbook created using Tableau Desktop with their own calculated fields in it. That when we refresh and then publish the data source again to Tableau Server, that they would get a message indicating whether they wanted to refresh their workbooks because the data source was updated
        1. If they click on, "Yes", then the calculated fields they created would be deleted or wiped out, is that true?
      • When we publish the data source, I created it as an extract locally first, and then published it as a data source on Tableau Server
        1. I'm assuming the data source essentially becomes an extract on Tableau Server?
        2. If yes, is there a performance difference between using Tabeau Desktop in connecting directly to a view in our database vs. connecting to the data source (extract) on Tableau Server?
      • I was reading that when a data source is refreshed, that something happens to the filters on the workbook
        1. An example is the existing filter is a "drop-down multiple list" becomes a different type of filter or something like that?
      • Are there any other issues anyone can think of or is there a link that people have put their grievances?


      Sorry for all these questions, I'm still kind of new on the Server aspect of things and trying to research as much as I can before we decide if we want to implement this change.


      Any links or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance