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    Video demonstrates how to anonymize your workbook/data

    Joe Oppelt

      See here:


      Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


      Brief video walks you through steps to anonymize your data so you can post packaged workbooks in your threads here.


      It's the best 8 minutes you will spend today! 


      Keep in mind that most questions don't require tons of data.  Often just a handful of rows is all you need.  And in many cases you can delete out whole columns from your data set if they aren't relevant to the sheet/dashboard needed for the example you need to post here.


      Once you get your little data set, take a copy of your existing workbook, delete out all the other sheets and dashboards, and you'll have a very manageable example to play with.  If something is in the header of the sheet you don't want people to see, delete it.  Change the name of sensitive field names.  (If you don't want people to know that the profit column is actually profits, change the name of that column to something else, for example.)


      The whole point of the exercise is to supply a working example that others can help you with.  Sometimes it takes a hands-on approach to address a question.  Without it, others can't be of much help to you!


      Remember:  You are the one asking for help.  So help someone else help you!