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    Tableau Dashboard refresh with tde data extract from Lavastorm

    Jason Coleman

      We have a case where we are creating a TDE data extract from Lavastorm, which has a process running every 30 mins to refresh the data extract.


      This data extract then is the source data for a dashboard which we want to distribute to multiple users. What we are trying to accomplish is that the dashboard will become updated based on the 1/2 hourly updated lavastorm export.


      What we have tried is

      1. Create lavastorm output (.tde file) and copy copy to a file location
      2. Dashboard is created based on the tde in step one
      3. Create a new tde file and copy it to the location in one
      4. Refresh the dashboard to show the new results.

      Unfortunately what we are seeing is that the dashboard not showing the updated results. It seems to still showing the original results, even when the dashboard is refreshed.


      Is there a way we can create a tde file from lavastorm, and have a dashboard update automatically based on that tde file? We also have a tableau server, so using that is also a possibility..