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    Row borders cause vertical scroll bar

    Joe Oppelt

      Anybody see this before?


      I have a floating container and I dragged a sheet into it.  The contailer is way bigger than the actual sheet.

      The sheet has fat row lines.  With those fat row lines, the sheet gets a vertical scroll bar.  No matter how many rows -- even just one.  The amount of scroll that the bar can move is just a tiny bit -- enough to display the top- or bottom-row divider.


      See attached.  Edit format borders and change the Cell border to "None", and the scroll bar goes away.


      I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this.


      If it's not a known issue, is this something worth reporting to Support?


      Easy workaround is to limit the row dividers to the thinnest width.  (Anything fatter than the thinnest width causes this behavior.)

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          Simon Runc

          hi Joe,


          I changed the Fit to 'Fit Width', and Fixed the Height (I set it to 200), and I think it now does what you'd expect. It does look like if you allow the Floating Container to re-size (i.e. not fix the height) it does always show the scroll-bars.


          ...I've not come across this before, but then again I rarely use Floating containers (we allow our dashboards to re-size to screen resolution, and I never know what's going to happen to them!)

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            Joe Oppelt

            I can't mess with changing sizes because I'm going to be doing sheet swapping in my container.  If you fix sizes, it allocates that space when it pins the size, whether or not the sheet is actually displayed.

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              Simon Runc

              ...Oh I see! Yes this definitely looks like some sort of bug (maybe oversight is a better term). Looks like it defines the size it needs from the text, and then realizes with the extra padding...'Oh I can't fit this in...let's put some scroll bars in'


              ...I have the makings of a kind of workaround! If you look at the attached. I've created a field called '1' (which, surprisingly is the number 1). I then use this as a continuous field (as a bit of a scaffold), set the Axis to 1 to 2, and then use Reference Lines at 1 & 2 to create the boarder.


              I still need to sort a few things out (such as getting the Measure names to the Top, without having them at the bottom, and the Banding on the County header - I'm sure I've seen a Drummey post on both these subject somewhere! ). If you think this will fly, let me know and I'll dig out those posts and sort the other bits out.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Hey, that's a pretty clever workaround.

                And I agree that "oversight" is probably a good way to describe this behavior.


                I think I will report this to Support and let then do what they want with it.

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                  Simon Runc

                  ...was just having a hunt around as I knew I'd seen a post previously regarding thick boarders and them not lining up (not the same problem, but the 'thick line' oddness never the less...How to make these lines in a straight way


                  and in the post from Pooja...she used an option that I never even knew about. Just tried it on your example and it worked (although there are other knock on 'style' implications). If you go to the worksheet, and in the format options go to 'workbook theme's' and select 'Classic'.


                  Still worth creating a support ticket, as you may not want to be dragged 'style-wise' back to 2013!

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                    Corbin Supak

                    I have the same issue. Would suggest to Tableau that they calculate the size of the sheet later in the chain when displaying in container on a dash.