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    Tabjolt unable to find views

    Joe Schwartz



      I've configured Tabjolt per the installation guide provided with the download.


      I've gotten to the point where I can run a interactvizloadtest and see results in the PerformancViz workbook, however, I keep getting the following error showing up in the Test Failures dashboard:

      "Failed to finish View Viz Test. Workbook: Overview; View: 25; IsPublic: false; TopViews: null; Exception: java.lang.Exception: Server returned unexpected response code 404 during initSession"


      Couple things I've verified so far to troubleshoot this:


      1) My vizpool.csv file content is formatted as this: views/Superstore/Overview/25 (format specified in install guide)

      2) The server IP is correct and set in the ServerTestConfig file

      3) I'm able to open the workbook view by navigating to it manually in Tableau Server


      Any suggestions on why this error may be occurring?


      Thank you,