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    Dashboard crashing while opening an embedded video in it

    vineeth v

      Hello all


      I am facing a issue while working on a dashboard, the dashboard has 6 workbooks integrated into it.


      We have applied a action on one of the worksheet(Map to be specific) , on clicking of particular point on the map corresponding youtube video should be played automatically which is embedded in the same dashboard using the webpage option.


      The integration was working correctly for couple of days, after which the the dashboard started to crash while trying to play the video.


      We are not able to figure out what is exact issue.


      We did check the log file, below is only msg we could relating to the error


      "NetworkAccessException: QNetworkReply::NetworkError=5, request url=[https://r1---sn-hvcpaxvox-npol.googlevideo.com/videoplayback]"

      "Discover Pane QNetworkReply Error: 5 Operation canceled"

      "\n\n*** Unhandled Exception: 0xc0000005\n"


      Any pointer to resolve the issue would be helpful.