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    Tableau Server "Unidentifiable licence" & Error 193

    Paul Banoub

      This week we faced an issue with our 8.3.4 Tableau Server - posting here for reference purposes in case anyone else sees it.



      Logging onto server URL gave this message

      Tableau Server is currently unlicensed. An administrator must sign in to the server and run Manage Product
      Keys. Learn more on the Unlicensed Server page.



      1. Firing up Manage Product Keys showed no licence configured


      2. A check of tabsrvlic.log showed this

      [14060] ERROR 2015-06-07 18:16:06 +0100   : CriteriaCheck::GetMatchedLicense: Could not retrieve a valid license because Activation ID is : ''Unidentifiable license''

      [14060] ERROR 2015-06-07 18:16:06 +0100   : No License found for 'TableauServer'


      3. Let's see if the licence server is running

      Run services.msc and look for "tablicsrv". It's not running. OK then it obviously needs to be started...



      Error 193: 0xc1 - very helpful indeed


      4. Could it be to do with Windows firewall preventing the service starting? - No. Disabled that, no change. Rebooted server, no change.



      With the help of Tableau Support we located a file, in the root directory of the Tableau Server installation (D:\Program Files\)

      It was simply called "Program" and was about 1k in size. Once we deleted this file, the tablicsrv started and so did the whole application.


      Tableau Support believe this "Program" file is used by tablicsrv to keep track of itself, maybe as some sort of pidfile - a file used by an application to record the process ID.

      Process identifier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      We *think* that the server may have been aggressively shutdown for earlier patching in the day and that possibly the service didnt shut down properly, thus leaving this file in place? Not sure yet.


      So that's it. A tricky one to work out, mainly due to the useless Error 193 message.


      Hope this proves useful to someone else