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    tableau server - numbers from postgreSQL not matching admin view

    Kirstin Lyon

      Hi All,


      I'm creating a workbook showing the activity for different workbooks on my server.  All going well so far..  however, when I go to do a check between my workbook and the admin tab in tableau server, I get completely different numbers.  I'm guessing it's because I've used different assumptions, or tables, and I'd like to find out how I can make the numbers match.  I've also seen that there is data for workbooks I deleted a while back, so I'm guessing some kind of historical data is used.  I'm only interested in the activity for sheets that exist today.  (I want to get a better picture of what's being used so I can delete the reports no one looks at, and spend more time improving the ones people do use).


      I'm using _views_stats  table, and connecting that to _users and _workbooks.  I'm using view_count to count the number of visit by each user to a workbook, and nviews to find out how many times a user has visited the server in total.