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    Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #4

    Russell Spangler

      The fourth Cincinnati Tableau user group event will take place during the month of July and we’ll be participating as a group in the War of TUGs 2015 competition.  Details of the date, time, and location will be posted in the next few weeks, but given the rules of the competition we will most likely be trying to host the event on a Saturday or Sunday.  The Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #5 will most likely fall at the end of August or the beginning of September and will follow more closely with topics that we discussed during our May event.


      Information about the Tableau User Group competition:


      We have an exciting announcement to make. During the month of July there will be a friendly competition between all of our Tableau User Groups! This competition will take place on the day of your user group meeting in July. This is an opportunity for you to connect with other incredible Tableau leaders, impress everyone with your mad skills, and even win prizes (not to mention bragging rights).


      If you’d like to participate, the rules are simple:

      1.      Register your TUG for the event (one registration per user group) <- I already registered our TUG
      Contact the event organizer for more details about this event
      At 7:00am (your time) the morning of your July TUG meeting download the dataset
      Use the day and / or your meeting to create the most amazing viz / vizzes possible!
      Publish your workbook to a Tableau Online account


      On August 1st all submissions will be moved to a Public account and the judging will begin! Awards and prizes will follow.