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    Display Underlying Data from Text Chart Type

    Kevin Zittle

      Hi there folks,


      So I am publishing my first workbook to Tableau Online and I notice a weird discrepancy between Desktop and Online and wondering if someone can shed some light on the situation. I have a dashboard made up multiple line graphs and text type charts like this:



      Now on Tabluea Desktop, I can right click on the text from sheets (like 77 or 120%) and choose 'View Data'. But when I click on the data in Tableau Online, I don't see the option to view the data (those little lines). However, if I go to the line graph just below it, I can click on a point and get the view data option. Why is that?




      I have about 40 of these little boxes on a dashboard. I have discovered I can make a sheet for each of the data views and then an action to go to it from the tooltip, but would prefer not to duplicate the function if I can avoid it. Any help is appreciated.