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    Map not loading properly ( Tableau server link)


      Hello friends, I am facing an issue with Maps. Map does'nt load properly when I open Tableau sever "link" in browser. I have created a dashboard in Tableau desktop and published the same in Tableau server. I have copied the Dashboard link through share option and inserted in a Java script which we use as front end . I am passing a unique ID as parameter through the front end script. When I open this with HTML and give the Unique ID only the relevant data is shown. So when I open dashboard in browser through front end the Map is not loaded properly. In the google chrome Map is shown but Color code of the map is disappered where as in Internet explorer color code is shown but Map is not shown or unclear. Please help me. Is the issue with browser or Tableau server , please let me know or I need to make any changes in the browser settings?

      Thank you.