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    How to 'hide' a server site (and not delete it)

    Ratna Sarkar

      I have server admin privileges on our server. Often, I am in a situation where I want to 'hide' a server site for a little while, but I don't want to delete it. Usually, there are number of users assigned to the site, there is content in the site, and I temporarily want to turn off access to that site and its contents. I also don't want those users to have the choice to visit that site at all.


      I have tried changing the permissions for all the users on that site to "Unlicensed", but, that does not do what I intend -- when they log in to the server, they still get offered that site as choice -- ie they can see the site but none of its contents. This causes confusion. It would be better if the site I am trying to hide does not pop up as a choice at all.


      My work-around has been to delete the site I want to hide (and to re-create it later as necessary), but that's a very inefficient kludge because I end up losing the assigned user list and their custom privileges.


      Can anyone help, please? Thanks