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    I need help for Trusted Authentication with Proxy Server

    Andres Parra

      HI, I'm trying to embed the Tableau reports to my web application. Below graph shows the the architecture of my web application. I have a public server/url that everyone has access to - 'app.com', and this intermediate server can access my internal servers where my web application and Tableau server is installed. I set up trusted authentication between the internal servers - 'app.internal.com' and 'tableau.internal.com' to generate an authentication ticket following this tutorial:



      However, the server-to-server call is placed between the two internal servers. I have the following questions:

      • Is this ticket only redeemable by 'app.internal.com'?
      • How can I redeem this ticket from the public/external server (i.e. 'app.com') so that my users can view the reports without logging in to the Tableau server? Note: I don't to set up the direct trusted authentication relationship between the internal Tableau server and the external server (app.com) since everyone can access the external server and security will be crashed.
      • How long is the ticket valid for?


      Any suggestions will be appreciated.