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    Subscriptions Without Images

    Chris Ditri



      I'm being asked by executive management to implement subscriptions.  However, there appears to be some security concerns, since email is inherently insecure.


      Since there does not appear to be a way to allow subscriptions for only certain users (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here), it seems to me that the only way to address our problem is to remove the image from the email that tableau sends (or just use a generic image, maybe a cute little kitty?).


      A lot of information is conveyed on this graphical mage, and the concern is that someone will do something silly like email themselves one of these subscription messages to their home address, or perhaps they are looking at their email on their laptop in a coffee shop and someone is looking over their s-houlder*.


      Is there anyway to change the image so that it contains no meaningful data, or remove it -- or customize this in any way?  All that is really needed is the link.




      *Ok something really, really weird is happening here... I cannot paste an entry with this word in it!  I had to put a hyphen in it: s-houlder.  If I remove the hyphen, the forum will not let me post!