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    data downloads from a dashboard?

    Ratna Sarkar

      My team has just published a report consisting of 7 views. A few of the views are dashboards (ie composites of different worksheets) and a few of the views are just simple worksheets. When we click on the little right-arrow download icon on each view, we get varying results: sometimes we get 4 options (download pdf, crosstab, data, image) and sometimes we get only two options (download pdf, image).


      We figured that perhaps the available choices are correlated with the type of view -- if the view is a dashboard, then only the pdf and image are download options, otherwise all four options are available...however, there is one view that is a dashboard (a table and a chart) and the user does get all four download options. So, we're a bit mystified about this and would appreciate understanding the logic behind the download options. Basically, we'd like to give our users the widest possible spectrum of download options.