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    How to use the REST API for security administration?

    Dipankar Banerjee


      I am working on a project that entails administering security in Tableau using a custom internal tool (java based). The scope of the project includes:

      1. Adding users to the tableau site

      2. Adding security groups to the site

      3. Adding users to the security groups

      (I believe the above can be achieved using the tabcmd utility?)

      4. Adding security groups to projects, workbook and views



      1. For point 4, can we use tabcmd?

      2. If not, can we achieve it using the REST API?

      3.Can someone guide me how it can be done using the REST API? What skill-sets are required?


      Note: We are new to Tableau hence any help will be useful.


      Thank You.

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          Dean Olynyk

          I built an administration tool for a client that synced users (create/delete) between a custom user store and tableau server, and updated all the workbooks that had User-Filters for security (and then published them).


          It was a mixture of REST calls, shelling out the console to perform TABCMD functions, third party libraries (for integrating with the clients SVN), and a bunch of XML manipulation to directly modify the TWB files.


          It's all doable, but not elegant by any stretch of the imagination.