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    Creating extract data causes duplicate issues


      Good day,


      We just upgraded to Tableau 9.0.1. and since then I'm having an issue with duplicate members when using extract data.


      In my data source I have 3 members in the dimension called OperatorName namely "Blaauw, Willem", "Willem" and "willem".


      When using no extract, Tableau only shows 2 members as shown below:


      However, when I create an extract data Tableau shows all 3 members from the data source as shown below. What is causing this difference in handling the data?


      Furthermore, when I group above 3 members into an alias using Tableau Groups and then refresh the Extract, Tableau gives the error "Removed 1 duplicate members from the group". After refreshing the Extract again, one of the "willem" variants sits outside the grouped alias as shown below. Is this a bug in the new version?

      Group 2.png

      Kind Regards


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          Below workbook illustrates my problem.


          1. Created extract data;

          2. Create Group as shown below;


          3. Extract data... and below errors comes up;


          4. Click OK and Extract data again results in below grouping of members;


          5. Remove extract results in below grouping



          This was certainly not an issue in previous versions and is no causing problems on my existing reports with large data sources.


          Kind Regards


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            Nicholas Hannan

            Hi Dieter,


            I was able to reproduce the issue you experienced. I was not aware of this but I did find an explanation for you:


            Tableau extract is case sensitive


            It is definitely possible Tableau made changes to the data engine which provide better support for case-sensitivity in Extracts with 9.0, but you may want to contact support for a definitive answer on this one.


            To get around this, you may need to normalize your strings before bringing them into Tableau if you're data-entry side is not that consistent.


            Best regards.

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