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    Sparkler canvas does not show view

    David Knight

      We are trying to get sparkler working with our Tableau 9.0 Server using one of the sample views (Superstore/Product) deployed as part of Tableau Server. 


      > The same user defined by sparkler, is able to access the view when logging into the Tableau Server directly.

      > We are using a multi-site Tableau Server configuration, and our sample report is loaded into the Default site.

      > Sparkler seems to be retrieving a token for our designated user.

      > We are using a self-signed certificate.

      > Sales Force seems to be downloading the javascript file from the Tableau server.

      > The main Tableau Server page displays and the following error is visible in the main content area for the page:


      The page could not be accessed.

      Either it does not exist, or you do not have the necessary ..... (can't see the rest of the error text)



      == Sales Force app settings ==


      <apex:canvasApp applicationName="Sparkler" height="536px" width="654px"