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    datediff issue

    tableau gstl

      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate datediff between min date for any id even when repeated to till date (Today)

      and keep them into different bins



      Created datediff('day',[Date],[Today])

      However it is not considering the min date when the same id has multiple dates


      Created datediff('day',min([Date]),[Today])

      Now this considers min date but the problem is we need to have id onto the which should not be visible in my case as I am trying to show aggregated data


      Also tried

      IF FIRST() = 0

      THEN DATEDIFF('day',WINDOW_MIN(MIN([Order Date])),WINDOW_MAX(MAX([Order Date])))



      Even this needs id to be there on the view


      Attached sample workbook

      Thanks in advance

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          Tableau kumar



          I have created calculation with respect to few Customers.

          What I did is, Date difference between First Order Date and today.


          The following link will help you for your situation.

          | Tableau Public


          Best Regards

          Laxman Kumar

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            tableau gstl

            Hey Kumar,


            Thanks for the reply


            As mentioned in my initial post i would not like to have my id's or dates in my view as i am showing aggregated data based on the field called "Source"


            If I place id in my view i can achieve what i am trying to but the client want it other way with only source as a breakdown


            please check my sample workbook attached may be u get what i am trying to achieve


            Sorry I forgot to mention that my current version is tableau 8.3


            please suggest

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              Tableau kumar



              I am using Tableau Public at my Office, so i can't download & Use your Workbook. So Publish your workbook to Tableau Public & send the Link.

              I am guessing this point will help you, If you don't want to show IDs on the report, right click on that column in the view, click on "Show Header" then this column will be hidden from report but it is part of Report.



              Best Regards

              Laxman Kumar