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    Loading a .TDE file using Tableau Public edition

    James Allen

      Hello all,


      I'm brand new to Tableau so sorry if this is a noob question, I couldn't find the answer on the forums.


      I'm using the free Public Edition of Tableau using the 9.0 version of the desktop application.


      I would like to create a filled map with UK regions (North East, South West etc.) as polygons. I understand that I need a set of polygon definitions to describe the region boundaries on the map. I have found some pre-made .TDE files (tableau extracts?) containing the polygon info I need at tableaumapping.bi.


      Where I'm stuck is I have no idea how to get this data into Tableau Public. I assume i load it as a data source - using the public version, when I go to Data -> New Data Source, the only options are to load from Excel, Text, Access or an OData server, no option for TDE.


      There is an option under Data for Tableau Data Server, but the sub options are all greyed out.


      Am I stuck here / do I need to upgrade from public just to get this one bit to work? I'm probably missing something really obvious.


      Many thanks!