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    Broken link in subscription notification email?

    Jonathan MacDonald

      I've been working with a customer that has come across what looks like a bug in Tableau Server v9.0.1.


      In the subscription notification email you get when you subscribe to a view on Tableau Server, there is a 'Manage Subscriptions' link at the bottom of the email. This link seems to break when either:


      1) The username has a period in it, e.g. user.name - the period in the link seems to be double-encoded, e.g. %252E as opposed to %2E

      2) When the server previously used SSL, but the certificates have since been removed to revert back to HTTP, this link is still prefixed with HTTPS.


      I have raised this with the Support team and while I'm still debating with first-line about why they need a copy of my Tableau Desktop logs for this (!?) I just thought I'd put this one out on here to see if the server teams had seen this before. It's an easy enough one to repeat/verify - I've been able to confirm this on two server instances in completely different environments now.