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    Plotting Hourly Task Duration on a Gantt Chart

    simon harvey

      Hi All,


      I'm a novice to Tableau (first few weeks of working on it) but have used other I tools in the past.


      I'm trying to visualize the duration of ETL tasks some of which run hourly.


      I want to produce a 24hr gantt chart that shows start time and duration for each task.


      The problem i face is that the task's that run hourly have the same name so when i try to visualize the start time it displays '*' for each task with multiple start times.


      I'm a bit stuck and could do with some help.....


      I have attached a screen shot of the data. I'm connecting to an EDW and as such can't do any manipulation of the source data.


      One problem I have is that when i try to use Hour of the ETLStartTime field all i get is *, 1, 2 which i assume is because its a 24hr clock??


      Any advice is greatly appreciated....