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    Using colour to highlight top 3 within a stacked bar chart

    Rebecca Kaye



      I have some data, which includes a time period, number of records (patients) and specialty. What I'm trying to do (but failing) is to create a stacked bar chart by time but use colour to highlight ONLY the top 3 specialties (over my entire dataset - not just within each time point) based on the first highest, second highest and third highest number of patients respectively.


      In reality, I have hundereds of specialties so I went to make everything (outwith the top three) just one colour.


      I'm sure this is easy and that I'm just thinking about it in the wrong way. I've tried using the index (but can't seem to add the 'number of patients' within the calculated field) and I've also tried the max functions but with no sucsess.


      I've attached an example - in the attached workbook, the outcome would be that 'spec F', 'spec C' and 'spec A' would all have a different colour and the combined number of patients for all other 'specs' would be another colour.


      Any help would be much appreciated.