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    How to create this Dashboard with Parameter


      test 1.png

      Hi everyone,


      I have Dashboard as the Attachment.


      In the Dashboard, i create a Parameter which can Show me which Status i want. Forexample:

      . Show only one best Status

      .Show only one Worts Status

      or  Show all Status which belonged to a Project


      For the first 2 Options i was successful with them but for the last Option, I was unable to make it.


      Now i want is that: when i select "All", Tableau will Show me the Result as the Picture.


      Hierby is my Calculation. However it only work for the first 2 Option.



      CASE [Goals]

      WHEN 'ALL' THEN ATTR([Status])

      WHEN 'Best Goal' THEN  MAX([Status])

      WHEN 'Worst Goal' THEN MIN([Status])



      Can you please help me how to do that?. Thanks