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    publishing to external company / third party

    Tomasz Lopatka



      is there a way to publish the workbooks to a limited list of recipients at another company?


      Our team is sort of external to the company we are working for, let's call it a consultancy model.


      Overall all our Tableau licences are assigned to our own accounts e.g. @company123.com, whereas most recipients will be at @companyABC.com.


      As I am looking at my privileges currently, I can publish only at maximum to All Users which includes only me immediate team.

      Is there a way to publish our work to an external company? Without going to Tableau Public that is.


      It is not crucial to control the privileges of the users within that other company, hence being able to publish to e.g. all associates at companyABC.com would definitely serve the purpose.


      One solution I can see (with the limitations that I am facing now) is to get another license from my parent company, and publish the workbook twice: 1 copy to the parent, 1 to my immediate team.


      Thanks for the help,