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    [TabJolt] Memory Released by Tableau 9 When VizQL cannot get more memory?

    Ray Heng

      Must say TabJolt is an awesome piece of code written for the community to justify better to our Tableau client why they would need more Cores and More RAMs!


      So one of common question from the client is that "hey, if Tableau is saying 4 Core and 8 GB RAM is the minimum requirement for server, what does this minimum entails for us?" Well, the answer is to try TabJolt and see the results yourself.


      So, I did some interesting test instead. What happens when Tableau Server v9 is no longer able to fetch more memory from the system with the bare minimal setting on a 64-bit machine? It seems that at some point, Tableau will release memory back to the pool. Of course, it entailed a period of errors of "target server fails to respond".


      Did anyone else experience this when load test Tableau using TabJolt?


      Host CPU and Memory Comparison.jpg